Bathroom Renovations Crows Nest

If you’re on the lower North Shore and you think it’s about time you had an overhaul of your current bathroom, then it’s a good job you’ve found us. Milan bathroom renovations offers superior bathroom renovations in Crows Nest, as well as elsewhere on the North Shore and the rest of the city.

An accredited and licensed renovation company, with over 20 years of industry experience, Milan Bathroom is up to any job you may have, no matter what your preferred style and budget is. We focus on outstanding workmanship to help you achieve your dream bathroom, to create a stunning end result that you’ll be happy to make use of for years to come.

We’ll collaborate with you and listen closely to any ideas you may have, to ensure that your bathroom looks exactly the way you want. To help you, we’ve got a visual portfolio of popular designs and we’re confident that you’ll find something to your liking. All of our customers have a great deal of freedom during the process too, and we’re happy for you to pick and choose from a range of pre-fabricated bathroom fittings from showers, to cabinets and many more.

Getting the ball rolling is perfectly simple; we’ll come straight to you in Crows Nest (or wherever you’re located) for maximum convenience and minimum hassle. If our initial (free!) consultation is to your liking then we’ll quickly draw up a fair, honest quote. What’s not to love?